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CV which leads to your Dream Job (Cont…)


…and targeted to present you in the best manner keeping in view your audience.

  • First step, in this regards is to study the description of the opening very carefully.           
  • Find out who is going to be making the final decision for the candidates and learn as much as possible about the background of the people if you can do that. It is one of the ways to network your peers for the future and looking if possible what actually got them to that post. Always ask about the culture, it will give you the ideas about how to present your CV.
  • Arrange all the contents of a CV and then organize the facts in compliance with what you have actually learnt. For instance, if you are applying for a university that mainly emphasis on the publishing then you should highlight your credit earlier and then include the bibliography listing of the articles in a descending order.

What you should not include in your CV? You need not to include your salary history, why you are leaving the previous position or references. References must be listed separately and should be furnished upon the employer’s request.

How long a CV should be? A good and attractive CV covers no more than two pages and at the same time it should never cover three pages. Make sure that the content is structured, clear, concise and pretty much relevant to the post you are applying for. Make use of the… Read More

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