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CV which leads to your Dream Job (Cont….)


…bullet points and avoid writing full sentences. It will facilitate you in minimizing the word usage.

Examples of CV:

This is a CV for a job seeker having international experience. It includes employment history, education, awards, competencies, skills as well as personal interests.


Contact number:



Month, Year, Institute

  • Candidate for (degree)
  • Major course highlights included (courses name)

Employment history:

Month, Year, Company, Country


  • Achievements
  • Work responsibilities


  • Year, Award name

Competencies & Interests:

English ability: Band 6, competency level

Computer skills:

  • Certifications
  • Fluency

Personal interests:

Games etc.

Mistakes to avoid while writing CV:

Too long CV: Employers spend enough time in reading and reviewing the CVs. They never have enough time to spend 30 minutes on each CV. Too long CVs discourage the employers to read them and chances are there that they will not even read it until the end. Make use of the bullet points to ensure clarity and precision.

Too many skills: If you will put too many skills the recruiter will not remember any of them. It is highly suggested that write the most relevant skills keeping in view the job title you are applying for.

Resume not according to the role: Adjust your CV according to the position you are applying for. You should make the recruiter show that you are the perfect…Read More

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