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CV which leads to your Dream Job (Cont…..)


…candidate and for that he or she has to find the relevant information. For instance, if you are applying for the pharmaceutical company then you will have to emphasize on the internship that you did in a pharmaceutical company. Moreover, if you are applying for the marketing role for a baby brand then your focus should be the marketing assistant job in the company that sells the products for the babies and kids.

Grammar and spelling mistakes: Having such mistakes in a resume does not leave a good impression. It is better you ask your friend or siblings to read your CV so that there remain no mistake in it. Ask at least couple of people to do this.  It can be avoided easily. In case your CV is not written in your native language then ask certain native speaker to correct it before you send it to any recruiter.

Inconsistent layout: A CV should be easy to read with clarity in the content. Spend enough time to ensure that everything is properly aligned and paragraphs have the same size and font. A messy resume gives the impression that you are a disorganized person and you do not pay any attention to the details.

No analysis of the work done before: A professional CV is where the results that have been obtained from each experience have been mentioned clearly. The recruiter will be interested to know about the tasks that you carried along with what you have achieved. In this way, you will be showing your competence to the recruiter and if the goals that you might have achieved will match the goals of the company then it would act as icing on the cake for you.

Be vigilant and careful while writing a CV if you really want to get hired for the job that you apply for.


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