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CV which leads to your Dream Job (Cont.)

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How to write a CV?

If you are working on your CV then this is what you should include in it.

There are little differences between writing a resume and a CV. CV is a longer and a detailed synopsis of the background and the skills. It includes a summary of the educational as well as academic backgrounds paired with the experience in research, presentations, publications, honors, awards, and other relevant details. When it is about resume, you will be in need to have different versions of the CV for different positions.

Just like a resume, your CV must include your name, contact details, education, skills and last but not the least; your experience. Moreover, CV includes the research as well as teaching experience, grants and fellowships, publication, professional licenses and association, awards and other information relevant to the position that you would be applying for.

You should begin with making a comprehensive list of all the background information, and then organizing it in to different categories. Never forget to mention the dates on the publications that you would have included.

Personal information: Personal information to be included in a CV is as follows:

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Number of children
  • Personal interests like hobbies
  • All the education that includes the secondary and high school
  • Photos are recommended as well

Date of Birth: Some countries other than…Read More

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