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CV which leads to your Dream Job


What is CV?

A CV is an abbreviation for “Curriculum Vitae”. If we talk about it literally then it is a course of life. At times, it is referred to as a resume. In very simple words, CV is a summary of your career history and is known to be the first phase in getting yourself notices in the eyes of the potential employers. A CV can also be defined as a summary of skills and experience, degrees, awards, research, presentations, publications, and other achievements.

Usually it is a one to two page, summarized version of full curriculum vitae. It would be very right to say that is a quick and concise way of conveying ones qualifications and skills. At times, large organizations ask for one page CV when they expect a large pool of the candidates.

A CV can also be defined as pretty much popular among the academics. Graduating students usually spend a lot of time and put in efforts to get their work published during the post-grad years. No doubt institutions of higher education evaluate the potential candidates on the basis of test and grades scores. Moreover, they…Read More


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