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Get Dubai Visa (Cont.)

…worth stating that if you need a Visa for entering Dubai or not depends on the country where you reside and you are a citizen of. It has been mentioned earlier that; if you are a national of Persian Gulf countries, you do not need a visa to enter Dubai. These countries include Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. These countries enjoy really close ties with Dubai. Also they share many religious and political views. If you are a resident of GCC countries, you would get a 30 days Dubai visa as soon as getting in to Dubai.

Transit Visa:

If you are passing by Dubai while traveling to somewhere else, then you can enjoy having a Transit visa if you will be displaying a continuing flight tickets. This visa enables you to stay in Dubai for 4 days only. The airline that operates within UAE will be issuing this visa. It is free of cost. Emirates can allow you to have multiple day layovers as it is an airline that based in Dubai. There are very few airlines that allow you to do this. Enjoy this advantage.

Do not overstay:

If you will be staying in Dubai for an excessive period of time, then you will be deported. There might be case where you will be banned from coming to Dubai again. It is due to this fact, it is suggested not to overstay there.

Where to get the Visa to Dubai?

The official authority taking care of the visitors issues is the DNRD. This department is interior ministry part. In addition to the process to acquire the Dubai visa, they also control the necessities of the Dubai visa.

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