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Get Dubai Visa


Know about the Dubai visa:

If you are not a citizen of United Arab Emirates then you will need to have a visa to enter the premises of Dubai. Good news is that Dubai visa is relatively easier to be obtained. Some of the states that are covered under the Cooperation Council for the States of the Persian Gulf along with the citizens of the selected nations need not to have a visa before getting in to Dubai. These selected countries include United States, and Australia.  Citizens of these countries get a Dubai visa stamp on reaching Dubai. It does not cost anything and allows the people to stay in Dubai for 90 days. Tourists from other nations are allowed to stay in Dubai for 30 days.

Requirement for Dubai Visa:

Certain requirements to get a Dubai visa include the validation of passport. Passport should be valid for at least 2 to 6 months before entering Dubai. Therefore, make sure that your passport is valid before planning the trip to Dubai. Renewal application of the passport usually takes few months.

Visitors Visa:

The most widespread Dubai visas that are granted by the Dubai government are the visitor’s visa. These are usually short term visas. They are particularly intended for the travelers willing to visit Dubai or go there for the business purposes. Here again it is…Read More

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