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Qatar Visa at your Doorstep (Cont.)


…mandatory when you are submitting your application for visa. The validation period must be six months longer than you intend to visit Qatar. Your passport should have blank pages in order to print the new visa.

  • If you submit an application for business visa, then you must have a company letter along with it. On the other hand, if you are willing to have visa for the purpose of tourism, you need to present an invitation letter explaining why you want to visit Qatar.
  • Each visa application needs to have a couple of passport size photograph.
  • Two copies of the first pages of the passport. Copies should possess the name and the photo. Original passport is needed as well.
  • If you will be sending the application via mail, then you shoul send a pre-paid return envelope too. Write down your name on the sender as well as the recipient fields. However, it is rcommnded not to make use of the regualr mail for these purposes in order to minimize the risk of loss.
  • Official passport holdr, military personnel and diplomatics need to submit two copies of official letters by the gouvernemental authorities.
  • In case of Qatar work visa you will have to provide a certificate of good conduct. You will have to provide the following in order to get work visa and residence. For instance, fingerprints, chest x-ray, health check and normal blood test and another test for the type of blood.


You will not need visa if you are already flying and Qatar is a connection between the two countries.


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