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US Visa Information That You Should Know (Cont.)


…sponsoring the visa application. Such people need to obtain the immigrant visa at first. It is because it is one of the first steps to be a lawful permanent resident of US. The process begins by filing a petition on the behalf of foreign citizen with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. This can be applied on the basis of family, employment based, and other categories.

Nonimmigrant visa: This is applicable for all those people who reside outside the domestic territory of United States but look forward to enter the US domestic territory for certain purposes for short duration of time. Medical treatment, business conferences, travailing purposes, and education purposes etc. are certain examples of nonimmigrant visa.


Fee for the US Visa:

The US visa applicants need to pay the visa interview fee i.e. $160 to the consulate for the interview. It is conducted by a consular officer who makes the decision related to the issuance of visa or not. If the visa is rejected, this fee is refundable after the interview. The process is lengthy and hectic and you need to act with patience.

There are different USA visa classes, enabling the people to enter the domestic territory of USA. These include the tourist visa, spouse visa, temporary visa, student visa, company visa, work permit, artists or sports visa, US marriage visa and so on.

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