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US Visa Information That You Should Know


US Visa Information that you should know

There are many people around the globe that travel to United States of America with the help of different US Visa classes. These include the student visa, tourist visa, K-1 spouse visa, Green card visa, family visa, work visa etc. There are several foreigners visiting United States to settle in there on permanent or temporary basis. Thousands of people apply for different categories of US visa. A foreigner who is willing to enter the domestic territory of United States needs to make use of the US visa under the following circumstances:

  • If the applicant is not a permanent resident of the twenty seven visa waiver countries
  • If one is not the permanent resident of Bermuda or Canada
  • It the plaintiff is not eligible to travel US without any class of visa because of the criminal record or any kind of social malpractices

Scrutinizing of the application:

Highly sophisticated techniques are brought to use for scrutinizing the applications and interviews conducted by the visa consulates. The database that is available at US embassies cross check all the details that is provided by the applicants.

Immigration process for US takes at least a year or two after the applicant has submitted the immigration visa applications.

Classification of US Visa: There are two major classifications of the US Visa i.e. immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa.

Immigrant visa: This visa is for people who look forward to settle permanently in United Sates of America. Under this category, the application needs to be sponsored by the citizen residing in US. Or a professional employer is required to provide an affidavit about financial status of citizen who is…Read More

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