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Wait is over for German Visa (Cont.)


…of the trip is needed.

Itinerary: If you plan to visit Germany for leisure or tourism then you need to send a copy of your itinerary.

Bank statement: You have to provide formal bank statement showing your financial situation for the last 3 months is also mandatory.


  • Student: You will have to proof that you are being enrolled in a tertiary educational institution along with a formal letter from the concerned authorities that allow you to travel during the study period.
  • Employee: A copy of your contract is mandatory along with a letter stating that you are allowed by the employer to take the leave during that particular period.
  • Self-employed: In this case, you will have to hand in the official documents that confirm your own business. This includes the copy of CK1, proof of business activities, and registration papers etc.    


  • Minors will have to hand in the original birth certificates.
  • If the minors will be travelling alone, then the consent of both the parents is needed and represented by signatures in the application form. It should be accompanied by the formal letter.
  • In case, the minors are travelling with one of the parents, even then consent of both the parents is needed.

Purpose of the trip decides documentation:

  • For tourist visa, you need not to have formal invitation letter.
  • For student’s visa, you will have to hand over all the documentation mentioned above with acceptance letter from the university that you plan to study and proof of financial stability.
  • For business trip, you will have to present the formal invitation letter by the parties that reside in Germany.
  • For employment, you will have to hand over the formal letter from the employer.

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